What’s Divi 3 going to be like?

Exciting news, everyone – Elegant Themes recently announced several of Divi 3.0 ‘s features on their blog. We’ll be keeping a running list of the different features highlighted by the team up to the launch of the new version.

Hello, hello, hello, beautiful people! Mark here. I’ve added affiliate links to Elegant Themes in this article. If you click one of these links, you won’t pay anything extra, and I’ll receive a small commission if you decide to purchase. Please only buy one of their products if you feel that doing so would help you achieve your goals! (By the way, for full transparency, I’ve used their products for years, and I absolutely love them. I talk about them around the dinner table.) Anyway, without further adieu…

Front-End, Visual Page Builder

Divi will now house a front-end page builder as well as the backend one. From the looks of it, you’ll be able to click directly into the content on the front of your website and work with it instantly. The text editor’s UI is styled similar to Medium (you can see an image here).

Super-Smooth Upgrade from Divi 2.X > Divi 3.0

Nick Roach, creator of Elegant Themes, says Divi 3.0 will be a completely smooth upgrade, and the new editor won’t affect the current Divi CSS, nor will it change anything with the core builder framework. This means that you won’t have to spend days transferring your old websites once you upgrade. He goes on to say that we won’t have to worry about child themes breaking or current layouts changing in the move.

The Backend Builder Isn’t Going Away

But fear not – Divi 3.0 will still have the backend builder! The ET team is “just adding something new that will work alongside the current builder. It’s just a new way to build.” In my opinion, the frontend builder will be better for visual tweaks (like fonts and styling) and the backend builder will be better to create the initial layout of a page. (The frontend builder will also be much more intuitive for letting clients edit their own sites!)

Instant Gratification

The front-end builder is being built with React, a JavaScript library for building super-slick user interfaces (it was developed by Facebook and Instagram). This means that your changes – like colors, fonts, images, and so on – will appear instantly as you work.

For instance, instead of clicking “Preview” and loading an entirely separate tab to check your work, you’ll see exactly what it looks like as you’re working. Another example: want to see what a page looks like in a different font? Just select the font, and the page will change instantly. Very cool.

For Developers: Divi 3.1

Are you a theme developer? Divi 3.1 is planned as the “Developer Update”. Elegant Themes will be creating documentation for developers and improving peoples’ ability to make extensions for the framework.

Divi, Extra, and Divi Builder Plugin Support

Everything that’s currently powered by the Divi Builder – meaning Divi, Extra, and any site that uses the Divi Builder plugin – will be upgraded to support the front-end editor.

The Beta for 3.0

According to Nick Roach, there will be a beta “hopefully ~3 weeks before launch.”

No Plans to Increase Prices

A concerned customer asked if Elegant Themes was increasing pricing for the huge new updates. Nick Roach replied directly, saying that Elegant Themes has “no plans to increase prices at all.” I love that Nick addressed the issue head-on and was so transparent in his answer.

That being said, if Elegant Themes does need to increase prices in the future, I’d gladly pay more. No other WordPress theme comes close to the user experience and reliability that Divi provides. ( Don’t have Divi? )

Speed With React

Other visual editors are slow – filled with “loading!” spinners and causing the page to go unresponsive when making large edits. Due to Elegant Themes’ smart choice of using React, changes will appear instantly!

Divi 100 Marathon

Elegant Themes is holding a huge giveaway, The Divi 100 Marathon, where they’re giving away free Divi-related extensions, layouts, and themes for one hundred days! You can sign up via one of the popups on  their site .

Do you know more?

Do you know new information about Divi 3.0? If so, we can add to this list! Email Mark at instructor@theclientclass.com with a link to what you’ve found.

Finally, a quick note.

Also, if you’re a designer and you use Divi with your clients, here’s a product that will help them learn how to use their websites.

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