How to transfer Divi layouts across websites

Importing and exporting page layouts from Divi is incredibly easy. With this method, you can easily move layouts from one Divi website to another, or import something like our free video portal layout that comes with our Divi client training system, The Client Class.

How to import a Divi layout

To import a Divi layout, just create a new page (or edit the page to which you’d like to import your layout).

In the upper right corner of the Divi Builder, click the white Up and Down arrows, like so:


Then, just click the Import tab, and upload the layout file from your computer. Your screen will fade to white, then the new page will appear.

To export a Divi layout

Click the white Up and Down arrows on the top right of the Divi Builder, like so:


Enter a name, then export the file. It will download to your computer as a single JSON file, and you can simply use the Import instructions above to import it into your website.

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