How to hide a website under construction

I built a website for my friend’s side business. I didn’t need him as a “backseat designer”, so I would set an alarm for 2:00 AM and work on his website in the dead middle of the night. My logic: he’d be asleep when I made changes, so he couldn’t see my ugly work-in-progress.

Tip: don’t do that.

You’ll only need one of these (totally free) WordPress plugins to do the job:

Don’t let their strange names fool you. They’re wonderful plugins (with over 50,000 combined downloads and 4 to 5 star reviews). They’re lightweight, simple to use, and they’ll block others accessing your soon-to-be-beautiful works in progress.

You can install either one of them directly through the WordPress Admin Dashboard (go to Plugins > Add New). Search for “Easy Pie Maintenance Mode“ or “EZP Coming Soon Page”; they’re both by Bob Riley.

Install and activate the plugin of your choice. Then, go into its respective settings panel and enable it!

You’ll have the option of uploading a logo, customizing the background with CSS, and so on. Of course, you don’t need to do this – but some people like to.

Have fun!

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