Tips for using Divi and WordPress in your practice

Inspiring sites built with Divi, Part 2

When I want to design a new website with Divi, I look to others for inspiration. Sometimes, it's a simple layout for a blog post; other times, it's finding CSS effects that make a site perfect. As a designer whose practice is based on that theme, I have a huge...

The best WordPress/Divi hosts in 2016

Hosting is taboo in the field of web design. We all know it. There are too many affiliate links, too many know-it-all designers giving their two cents, and too much information to consider when making a long-term choice about the underlying structure of your web...

Writing Contracts (for people who hate writing contracts)

When you think of contracts, you probably think of lawyers, the court system, and stuffy businessmen in brown suits and little red bowties. I used to see legal contracts in the same light. But then, something changed: I realized that a contract is just an agreement....

Tips to Speed Up Your Divi Website

Your visitors can leave your website with the click of a button. The barrier for them to leave is nonexistent. As soon as there’s a slight hiccup in your site, they’ll leave and go to your competitor. However, the opposite is true: when your site gives them a good time, they’ll want to…

Animated gradient backgrounds with Divi

I love designing with gradient backgrounds. They add a refreshing touch to an otherwise stagnant page. I could even use vague client lingo and say that gradients make my site “pop!”. Cringe-worthy phrases aside, it’s incredibly easy to do this to your own site.

What’s Divi 3 going to be like?

Elegant Themes recently announced several of Divi 3.0 ‘s features on their blog. We’ll be keeping a running list of the different features highlighted by the team up to the launch of the new version.

Seven Tips to Improve Your Creativity

Want to win 27 gold-plated awards for your creativity? Want to climb out of a dry spell? Want to see your practice in a prism of different ways? Read on, fellow designer.

Switch to a simpler logo on a Divi mobile site

When over half of the world is browsing on mobile devices, it’s a good idea to put some extra time into making sure your websites look perfect on them. Luckily, I’ve done some of the heavy lifting for you. If you’re using Divi, you can easily show a different (i.e. simpler) logo on mobile with some CSS.

Rearrange modules on mobile with Divi

Do you want a module to appear at one section of the screen on desktop and move to another position on mobile? Now you can do it without any CSS. Think of it like creating a responsive site on steroids…

Offset a blog feed in Divi

Offsetting is a little-known feature that is baked right into Divi. It allows you to create interesting layouts where ever you have a blog feed.

How to easily add CSS

Don’t fear CSS – make it fear you. I’ll teach you how to add it in five simple steps.

Remove the Divi sidebar line

Achieve a clean, minimalist look on Divi by removing some of the borders on the theme. I’ll show you how to remove the border on the Divi sidebar.

How to update Divi

Keep your Divi install (and other ET products) up-to-date with their simple Updater plugin.

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